A great event down at the D0cks and Waterfront. We had a fun day and took part in quite a few events, suitably dressed as Pirates of course. Lots of visitors, local and from abroad enjoyed all that was on offer, The sun didn’t put in much of an appearance but it was a warm day and (while we were there -no rain) We listened to Drummers, and singers, watched the dancers in their fantastic costumes and laughed along with the humour and silliness of the Pirates street performances . My 8-year old niece loved the Pirates ‘wenches’ and decided she wanted to be a Pirates “naughty girlfriend” as they had the best costumes! We visited the Picasso inspired ‘Peace garden’ near the TATE also the amazing SAND IN YOUR EYES , Picasso sculpture.and wached the noisy sea battle with all the cannon fire.  We came away just after 5 pm.  much to Sofia’s disgust and to the relief of my feet and back!  We could hear the fun continuing as we walked away and people were just arriving for the evening performances. I hope they had as much fun as we did. Did Liverpool break the World attempt to muster the Pirates???

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