Wendy Simon, Culture and Tourism.

During a very positive meeting Wendy Simon gave the Cultural Champions very valuable advice . We are the first in this role of Champions and perhaps we have rather a high self expectation of our role . As a retired person I have more time available than the other Champions who have full-time (demanding jobs) and as Wendy said ” this reflects the community position; people who juggle family, jobs and all the other things which keep the public from being able to access cultural activities”.  Perhaps this is an area that needs looking into ,not how we can encourage people to attend events but HOW we can enable them  to participate.  But today people were out to take advantage of the SUN AWARENESS , HEALTH EVENT  in Williamson Square Some of the team that were working to make the event a success with Lynn Nevin were Sandra Rowlands and Dr  Winhoven   Dermatology  Consultant who were on the  ‘i van’ , they were kept busy all day checking out problems and sending people to their own doctors OR re-assuring them that all was fine. I said ‘hello’ to Gayle Coldron from Kuumba Imani ( you do get very energetically involved ,  dancing and Tai Chi)  Jenny Mason led the dancing/fitness routines which drew a large appreciative crowd. And Mario who was advising me yesterday was today encouraging lots of other people to participate , Alison who was on work experience very nicely asked me my opinions, every one works hard to make the event successful and I met fellow Cultural Champion  Becky also checking out the event.

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