An event hosted by  the ‘Champions in our Community ‘was a great success today. It was held at Anfield and Breckfield Community Corner ,Richmond Park. L 6 5 A D.  Before today I didn’t know it existed but I do now and I am impressed with the  high level of community involvement they generate.  Gillian Tarpey the organiser and her team went all out to make the event a success and their hard work paid off. Thomas in the kitchen created Spicy Butternut Squash soup it was delicious, I have the recipe and Gary from ANFIELD FOOD CO-OP provided the fresh veg, for everyone to try their hand at soup making. I tasted Banana and Strawberry Smoothie again delicious AND healthy . I have that recipe as well.  The cakes on offer were fantastic and Jacqui Mae invites everyone down to learn how to cook and make cakes on  Monday 10-12. ABCC. Community Corner. Richmond Park  ( just a small fee for  ingredients , £2)  It’s in my diary something new to learn this 2010 Year  of Health and Wellbeing. KEEP LEARNING….and BE ACTIVE with Mandy ,Dance and Keep fit on Thursdays 7.30-8.30 pm  IT’S FREE! and  Mandy gave a very energetic display it was 24 C in the hall  I don’t know how she did it! I will add more to this because there was so much going on it all deserves a mention.

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  1. laura wharton says :

    Hi, Thanks for the compliments. Gill from (pss) worked really hard setting up the event, it was good to meet other people providing services in the Liverpool east community. And the food(by Tom Murphy) was lovely. This is how abcc, ascc, pss and all other organisations can provide the best possible service to people living in the area, by working together. Myself Tom Kate jackie mac, alma etc, and more to mention have been doing the Liverpool east community learning champion course and it is something I would recommend to anyone wanting involvement in their community, also the volunteers on the day were fab. Keep in touch Thanks. Laura.

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    Thanks Laura, we have made the Spicy Butternut Soup with all the ingredients and followed Tom’s recipe it was delicious. And I have passed on the leaflets to neighbours and the Sure-Start info and freebees , to grandparents down the road I will be visiting again this is a little gem in our community.

    • Gillian Tarpey says :

      Hi Barbara, many thanks for your comments on the event, the Learning Champion project in Liverpool East for which i am project co-ordinator through PSS has had a positive impact on the area with dedicated volunteering champions who Laura has named but a few who are keen on engagingwith people within their local community and signposting them to varying opportunities available to them in their locality whether it be in volunteering, training courses or pursuing a hobby! big THANK YOU on behalf of the project for all involved!

  3. Nina Houghton says :

    I went to the event to spread the word about CAB and , equipped with recipe and bag of veg, courtesy of the Anfield Food Co-op, was inspired to make the butternut squash soup that night when I got home – delicious ! Thanks Gill for organising such a fun event which brought so many people together. Was impressed with the range of activities going on in the Centre too.

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