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OK, so I’ve only just emerged from my post-holiday listlessness, hence the lack of entries here. Anyways, went to the launch of Africa Oyé Thursday night at the Picket. This weekend’s festival is going to be absolutely amaaaaaaazing! Make sure you go because the weather’s going to be nice, the food is cheap and there’ll be an abundance of curry.. …it’ll be awesome.

We saw two bands there who’ll be performing over the weekend, both from Haiti: Ti Coca and grammy-nominated Boukman Eksperyans. I love it when performers seem to be enjoying themselves and really go for it. These guys certainly didn’t disappoint. There were two main singers in B.E, both of them a photographers dream as they performed giving it everything they had with waist-long dreads and long white robes. I declare! Observe if you will, photos taken by my pal Chouders….

Also popped in to check out FACT’s new exhibition, The Persistance of Vision which opened last night. A lot of fun; plenty of brain training-style interactive puzzles based on spatial awareness and perception to mess around with among other curiosities. I suggest that if you’re in town over this week that you should pop in en route and have a little go. It’s free! Also chatted with fellow champion Paul who’s got some very exciting plans for the forthcoming months. Watch this space!

Having me a little BBQ today but I’ll be off to Oyé tomorrow to dance erratically and get sunburn (I hope). Please join me!

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