Kuumba Imani

An interesting day, had a morning meeting with Gayle Coldron, Community Engagement Officer for Liverpool East at the Kuumba Imani Millenium Centre in Princes Road. That is an Impressive new Building!  Gayle and the other members of the team work with and support local community groups. I’m looking forward to finding out more  about their work and how  I can help as a Cultural Champion for Liverpool East. I am open to any new (constructive) suggestions. whilst getting to know Gayle our chat ranged from SCOUSE  (and recipe) to The Maritime Dinning Rooms an altogether more gracious dinning experience….Yes I went again for afternoon tea on Monday and recommended it to Gayle. ( Don’t forget to take your Mum and Dad next time they visit)     After tea we had a walk around Albert Dock and into the TATE, lots of visitors enjoying the waterfront area and the sun came out for a brief time. A pleasant way to spend a bank holiday at home.

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