The Ballad of Juniper Davy And Sonny Lumiere

I had to ask twice just to make sure. The performance is actually in the STATION?  Jodi assured me that it was. And it was . And it Worked!   The whole idea was very clever, Use of buildings, lighting, music,  people , costume   is skillfully interwoven and sets much more than ‘A scene’   It evokes a whole era,  a period in time  when the Station  ( Edge Hill )   was opened in 1836 .   On arrival music was playing , I recognised ‘ a piece of music  ‘  A Roving ‘  very professionally played , the mixture of   violin, flute ,harp and accordian creating the mood. Laura Powers-del Arco  as Juniper was very clever casting also Adam Millington as Sonny very apt. Every member of the team played their part and METAL is to be congratulated on their Vison for the future of  the station and the group   ‘FUTURE STATION’  .   Want to know more ? contact

2 responses to “The Ballad of Juniper Davy And Sonny Lumiere”

  1. Colette Forrest says :

    Isn’t it son et lumiere? Think you got this one wrong!

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    QUOTE ” ..accuracy is not to be sought; dramatic licence is rife.” Juniper and Sonny are lovers who ‘ haunt ‘ Edge Hill Station. A whole facinating story woven around these two characters a very skilful piece of writing. Thanks for your interest.

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