The Chronicles of Long Kesh – Everyman Theatre

This play, with great Motown singing from the cast, is a story of the emotional and physical journey of a group of Irish Republican and Loyalist internment prisoners in Long Kesh in the 1970’s and ’80’s. Told through the words of the characters and narration provided by the prison officer character takes the audience from the start of internment to the eventually closure of Long Kesh.

What could be a dour tale is enlivened with a fast pace, humour and outbreaks of a capella renditions of Mowtown classics. This reminded me of Dennis Potter’s ‘Pennies from Heaven’.

Really it is a study of the effects imprisonment on people. Ironically the person who probably comes out of the process worst is the prison officer character. He is an innocent really, it’s just a job to him, but he is pushed to the limit by the job he has to do in dealing with the prisoners in his care.

The cast is first class, although done without a set and with outbreaks of singing reminiscent of a Cliff Richard musical, the predicament and emotional suffering of the characters is convincingly portrayed.

On another level, anyone studying recent British history or the history of the troubles in Ireland and Northern Ireland would be well advised to see this play.

The play, written by Martin Lynch and directed by Martin Lynch and Lisa May, is a Green Shoot production and runs until 1st May.

Go and see it!!!

Rating ***** 028 9029 1555 0151 709 4776

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  1. brianhodgemusic says :

    Not sure how to address a “Champion of culture” such as yourself “Sir” …
    I was equally enthralled by Martin Lynch’s play “Chronicles of Long Kesh” and very impressed with your intelligible review.
    Looking forward to your next blog “Your Eminence”

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