TATE Liverpool. Rineke Dijkstra

At the Tate..Rineke Dijkstra a Dutch female artist who uses Film and Photography showed two new works made in Liverpool with local school children.

Fellow cultural champion Paul Argent and I arrived at the Tate on a lovely sunny evening, normally a fantastic setting but even better with the sun shining on the water and the red brick buildings of the Albert Dock.

We were welcomed by Amy and Rachel Skelton (press officers) and chatted to two of the children ,Jenna and Kieran who were happy to tell us about their ‘art experience’
Rineke Dijkstra (I can pronounce that Now!) worked with children recording their views on a 1937 Picasso painting currently on display at the Tate.

The film was a fascinating dialogue between the children on their thoughts and feelings about the Picasso. It was a tribute to the TATE collection but also to the artist and the young children. The imagination, the depth of feeling, ideas and honesty that the artist drew from these children was amazing. They fed off the painting and each other and the input of Rineke. Paul and I have seen the painting many times but we certainly looked at it in a different way after listening to the children. That Picasso now has a new meaning for us. Congratulationa to the Tate , Rineke and the children

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  1. argybargy17 says :

    Great piece of art with relevance to Liverpool and it’s kids. It is a must see before thr Picasso exhibition in May

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